Recently I was allowed to spend a few days as a guest at Queen Jazz in a holiday home to serve Her. I had the privilege of buying groceries for Her and picking up the suitcases at Her home. With an hour’s head start, I was allowed to report to the landlord to pick up the key to the house so that I could prepare Queen Jazz for her arrival. The landlord walked with me to the holiday home and gave me explanations. Despite the modest dimensions of the house, the interior is beautiful and neat, playful, cozy and no less importantly romantic. There are two chairs at the table, one too few, according to the landlord. The third chair is not necessary because I’m sitting on the floor, I wanted to say, but somehow I couldn’t get those words out of my mouth. When the landlord leaves, I start unpacking Queen Jazz’s suitcases, putting Her clothes neatly in the closet and putting away the groceries. When the wood stove and candles are burning, I clean Queen Jazz’s toys. Without mentioning the toys by name, one toy caught my attention, a toy can be so beautiful and elegant. While cleaning that toy I felt a tingling sensation in my body for a moment. Another toy looks familiar to me, it could be that I ordered it for Queen Jazz at the time. When I lie in bed in the evening and listen to Queen Jazz, I fall asleep, caged and plugged in, with a smile and a satisfied feeling.

The next day I go to town with Queen Jazz and Master Alexander for lunch. When reading the menu, Queen Jazz determines what I will eat and drink in a friendly yet formal atmosphere. As if the waiter senses it, he addresses Queen Jazz when taking the order. Although tomato juice is not my preferred drink, I honestly enjoyed it. When I return to the house I make a mistake by saying ‘please’ instead of ‘please Mistress’. Queen Jazz rightly reacts angrily and orders me to report to Her by sitting at Her feet. Before I even realize it, I feel Her flat hand on my face. Loudly and ruthlessly, Queen Jazz makes it clear that they are not pleased with this slip of the tongue. I felt humiliated, broken and damaged. I have never felt as owned by Queen Jazz as that moment and I realized all the more that I am Her property, She owns me. By inflicting pain such as with the Cane or a few kicks in the balls, Queen Jazz makes it clear who I belong to, but a face slap greatly strengthens the sense of being Her property. Afterwards, despite the slip of the tongue, I had an enormously relieved and grateful “I am Her possession” feeling about me.

In the evening after dinner, when everything has been cleaned up and the dirty dishes have been put in the dishwasher, Queen Jazz asks me if I would like to bend over Her lap. My buttocks are hit with all kinds of attributes. The ladle, back brush, a double-bladed paddle but also Queen Jazz. Her flat hand literally makes an impression on my buttocks. The feeling becomes pleasant when a little later Queen Jazz places her hand quietly on my buttocks, caresses it with a few fingers or scratches it with a nail, which can be very sensitive. At Queen Jazz’s request, I kneel for a Cane session. My buttocks usually need time to warm up. Queen Jazz senses this well and over time she hits harder and harder. Then follows a long series of rhythmic taps. Unfortunately I was unable to get into subspace, probably I was too sober or too tense at that moment. In chats with other slaves I had already indicated that if Queen Jazz wanted it, I would also like to serve Master Alexander. Queen Jazz was aware of the content of these conversations. Master Alexander is usually present invisibly. Every now and then He also uses the Cane for me and in the absence of Queen Jazz I obey Him. I was therefore not surprised that Queen Jazz asked me if I would also like to serve Master Alexander in addition to Her. While I happened to be kneeling towards Master Alexander, I replied with “yes Mistress, I want that”. Then something special happens that I will never forget. While Master Alexander takes over the Cane from Queen Jazz, Queen Jazz squats down in front of me and places Her hands on my back. The combination of Master Alexander’s Cane session and Queen Jazz Her warm hands on my back gave me an incredibly good feeling, I felt liberated. Queen Jazz used the words “surrender to us, you are safe with us”. And that is what I want, to feel safe and secure with my Mistress and Goddess Queen Jazz and Master Alexander.

Special moments, I often think back to them. As I put these special moments “on paper” after a few months, my desire to relive them grows. I wouldn’t miss these experiences for anything.

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