What reason did you end up here?
Curious about who I am?
What I do?
How can you serve Me?

I’m Queen Jazz.
A loving, strict but fair findom & femdom Mistress.
Passionate, sadistic, stylish, demanding and experienced.
Who you are, deep inside, is what you can be with me.
I offer a safe haven to discover and to develop yourself to the potential you have within you.
I also form the alpha couple with Alexander.
Of course, it is not a given that you serve us together.
Beautiful words may tickle, but to find out who I am you will have to dare to come closer.
Do you like to be humble and respectful?
Do you want to serve a beautiful, powerful woman and can you take a beating?
Then you can send me a message.

Of course you don’t forget to make a tribute to demonstrate your sincerity.
I am very curious if you can serve Me…

Queen Jazz

I also appear in the media regularly and you can read an article about Me in Linda of March 2022, I have had a candid conversation with the editors of Spuiten en Slikken and I have recorded a number of podcasts in collaboration with Klapjes in which I talk about various topics with some beautiful fellow Queens. And last but not least, another hour and a half podcast at Sinquest. You can find the links to the various podcasts and articles here.

Sinquest podcast episode 119 – Medical Fetisj – Sadie, Jazz en sexs

Medical fetish is a less well-known preference in the Netherlands. Just like with many other fetishes, there are all kinds of variations and preferences within the medical fetish. In an interesting conversation with Sadic Sadie I discuss today that medical fetish can be a fascinating experience.

Sinquest podcast episode 117 – Sex & Pressure to perform

Sex & pressure to perform, how do I keep my dick hard. This podcast is about performance pressure and doubt and therefore failure.

Sinquest podcast episode 108 – LIVE – Torture marathon part 2

In part two of the live torture marathon I slowly increase the ballbusting intensity.

Sinquest podcast episode 107 – LIVE – Torture marathon part 1

Since suffering is central to the Christmas period, the editors of Sinquest thought it would be fun to organize a torture marathon during this period. In this first episode I kick off by sharing a live ballbusting session.

Sinquest podcast episode 104 – Sexs and 2 Taboo-Dominas

Both I and Soviet Mercedes are specialized in taboo fetishes. Soviet Mercedes currently operates from North America and serves a global group of clients. A candid conversation about a number of relatively lesser-known preferences.

SinQuest podcast episode 101 – Locktober & (no) sex

A new podcast from SinQuest online! This time the appropriate topic is Locktober! A pleasant recording with lots of laughter and sometimes a bit chaotic. Nice to listen to on the road in the car, enjoy!

SinQuest podcast episode 100 – Loneliness

A special subject: loneliness. A sensitive subject that many of us can relate to. But can you also transform loneliness and experience it in two ways? Can you use loneliness to get to a lighter part of this world? Loneliness has crossed everyone’s mind at some point. There is loneliness in your daily life, but also certainly in kink. Just by talking about it you make it open to discussion. A nice conversation with a lot of openness and personal experiences from private and BDSM life! Make it a topic of discussion and give it a voice!

SinQuest podcast episode 98 – Foot fetish & sex

In this podcast I was a guest for an episode about feet. One of the biggest fetishes that exist..! Are you listening? Click on the link above.


Men who like to be financially dominated can go to a findom mistress, who, for a fee, is also willing to kick him in the balls or wear stiletto heels on his back. You can read this and more about Me in Linda of March 2022.

 – Spuiten en Slikken

In an interview with Spuiten en Slikken I talk about findom. With financial domination, the dominator or dominatrix is paid to belittle others. Think of swearing at someone, kicking them or spitting in their face.

– Klapjes’ podcast has started!

In this first introductory episode, I am introduced to you by one of the editors of Klapjes, I tell you who I am and what you can expect from Me.

Klapjes’ podcast episode 1:

In this episode I interview my own contract slave Henrik. Surprising insights for both curious submissive men and Dominant Women.

Klapjes’ podcast episode 2:

My highly esteemed colleague Empress CatastroV is my guest in this episode!

Klapjes’ podcast episode 3:

Have you always wanted to know everything about TPE? This podcast is the second conversation between Me and Empress CatastroV and is all about Total Power Exchange!

Klapjes’ podcast episode 4:

The first of two podcasts from Me with Dominae Suae about how We Mistresses build a bond with our slaves and interesting facts from this beautiful Mistress.

Klapjes’ podcast episode 5:

An interesting conversation, because Mistress Eve and I differ in views on sexual acts during sessions.

Klapjes’ podcast episode 6:

I am talking to your Majesty Soviet Mercedes…!!

Klapjes’ podcast episode 7:

In part 2 of My podcast conversation with Mistress Soviet Mercedes, it is mainly about blackmail and She is known as the Blackmail Queen.

Klapjes’ podcast episode 8:

In this last episode I have the honor of interviewing Dominae Suae for the second time.

SinQuest podcast episode 84

In this podcast, which can be listened to via Spotify, Mistress Eve, Empress CatastroV and Queen Jazz talk candidly about their shared passion: Findom and Dominatrix.

I also like to write! Here you will find my thoughts and you can also find them at klapjes.nl where I write columns about Findom.

What can you handle?

Sessions. Yes, I do that too. You don’t just end up in a room with 4 walls with me. You have to prove yourself worthy. .

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time… Well. I. I was there once. Because I often get the question: “how did you become a Mistress?”

The hangover comes later

The pleasant evening ends for a while in the pub. You can’t believe the luck. Even though you’re dancing like a retard…


Indeed, maverick. At least, that’s how it can be framed. Because I really enjoy my role as Findom Mistress. But, like all sex workers, there is a taboo on it…

Good intentions

Good intentions, it’s that time of year. Resolutions are often also the gateway to dreams…

The expensive month of December

December, the month of Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year. An expensive month. A month that many people also struggle with…

Findom’s hope

“Please Queen, a bol.com card.” Full of anguish, he now checks his Skype every 5 minutes to see if I have responded yet. A sign of life…

A small impression of Myself and some photos taken during one or more sessions. Check my Twitter timeline for more photos.

If you would like to contact me, please fill in your details. I will answer you as soon as possible. Also check your spam box. Address Me properly, but remember: no tribute is no attention.

Vul hier je kinks in, wel eerlijk invullen hé.

Special Moments

Recently I was allowed to spend a few days as a guest at Queen Jazz in a holiday home to serve Her. I had the privilege of buying groceries for Her and picking up the suitcases at Her home. With an hour’s head start, I was allowed to report to the landlord to pick up the key to the house so that I could prepare Queen Jazz for her arrival.

Outdoor Session

The timeline of Queen Jazz had caught my attention before. Something about her intrigued me immensely. Although a Findomme, she seemed to be more than average. More class, more emotion. When I saw that she was explicitly advertising a game in the woods, I took the plunge and approached her cautiously.

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